It helps if we give the students the chance to think about what they are going to read.  That’s why we give them prediction activities so that they are thinking about the topic and getting their brains ready for reading with the knowledge they have about the genre or the topic.

  • We can tell the students what the topic of the text is and ask them to guess what they will find in it. Sometimes they can form buzz groups.
  • We can ask them to read some questions about a text before the text itself. They should try to guess the answer, and then read the text to see if their guesses are correct.
  • We can tell the students what the text is going to be about an ask them to fill in a chart.
  • We can also get them to write their own questions about the text.
  • We can show the students any pictures which accompany the text and get them to guess what will be in the text.
  • We can give the students words or phrases from the text and ask them to guess what the text is about.
  • We can project the first line of the text on the screen. The students have to guess what the next word will be. We show the next line and again they have to guess hat the next word will be.


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