Then way rose to Salisbury Simple and you may Stonehenge

Then way rose to Salisbury Simple and you may Stonehenge Either called brand new ‘oldest roadway for the Britain’, brand new Harrow Method (‘Harroway’, ‘Old Way’, ‘hard’ or ‘old’ path) are good trackway of great antiquity running eastern-west around the southern The united kingdomt. My personal demand for the passing eg across the Stonehenge landscape and you will environments was first horny with the understanding a blog post because of the Alex Down ‘To the Trackways and place-names’, had written towards the Dennis Price’s blog Eternal Idol towards . Grinsell’s New Archaeology off Wessex, published for the 1958, sees ‘The origin of name’s undecided: derivations of your own label was indeed advised off har (hoary with age), herewag (military highway), and you may hearg weg (the street toward shrine otherwise holy put, doubtfully Stonehenge) For the Aubrey Burl’s ‘Stonehenge‘, published into the 2006, he produces: ‘New Harroway contributed to own kilometers westwards regarding Dover, Canterbury and you may Rochester, early in the day Farmham and Basingstoke to Amesbury, up coming near to Bulford, round the a good ford whose marshy banking companies was green having ragged robin herbs. Marvelling bishops and you will passers-by the stared at the impossibly high, weathered pillars facts absolutely nothing about them.’ Aubrey Burl along with suggests that the fresh new Cuckoo Stone (a good sarsen stone west of Woodhenge) designated the brand new route of one’s Harroway for the western edge of the brand new Lake Avon. The guy produces your Cuckoo Stone ‘might have shortly after come put given that designers of Cursus becoming good venerated tip towards the river’, this new west terminal of your 1.7 kilometer Stonehenge Cursus, that has been constructed anywhere between 3630 and you may 3375 BC is to try to the new west of this new Cuckoo Brick. Burl adds, ‘Similarly, the fresh new Heel Stone, immediately following certainly one of a number of traditional signposts towards the Harroway, try incorporated into this new Stonehenge cutting-edge.’ […]