Separation-individuation in kids of lesbian and heterosexual couples

Separation-individuation in kids of lesbian and heterosexual couples (On section) college students from lesbians / puzzled within intimate name / intercourse jobs / sexual positioning. (PsycINFO Database Record. Copyright laws © 2002 of the American Mental Relationship. All of the rights booked.) Wechsler Preschool and you may Number 1 Measure off Intelligence otherwise Wechsler Cleverness Level for kids-Revised, multiple screening to possess gender-character choices and sex term, as well as the Bene-Anthony Family unit members decide to try It exploratory data compared separation-individuation in children regarding lesbian and you can heterosexual lovers, exploring how visibility out of a female co-moms and dad, as opposed to a dad, you will (1) facilitate otherwise impede an excellent child’s intrapsychic breakup and you may (2) apply to young children in a different way. Liberty, ego features and you can object affairs, components of breakup-individuation, have been mentioned compliment of usage of a structured moms and dad interviews, an excellent Q-Types administered to parents and you may instructors, and you may an organized Doll Method to the son. Victims was in fact eleven lesbian family members and eleven heterosexual family members. The children varied regarding two years ten months so you’re able to 5 years inside decades, that have eight people and around three women in for every single class. Moms and dad interviews was analyzed qualitatively to possess differences when considering profile of lesbian and heterosexual mothers. Structured Doll Strategy standards have been obtained by raters. […]