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The guy adored meeting and you will reading out-of their admirers There clearly was an excellent Cuneiform Electronic Library Initiative (CDLI), paid of the College out-of California from the Los angeles and Maximum Planck Institute to the History of Research There is certainly good Cuneiform Electronic Library Effort (CDLI), sponsored by the School regarding California during the Los angeles additionally the Maximum Planck Institute to your Reputation for Science J.Sitchin – Cuneiform Resources One of the Frequently Asked Questions I received in email from Sitchin fans is in regards to where they can learn more about Cuneiform writing, including where they can learn to read it for themselves and where tablets can be accessed. The other related question is about where did Zecharia Sitchin learn cuneiform himself? On the latter, I can only speculate. In an era that pre-dated the internet, he was in the right part of the world to learn about these subjects and to visit ancient sites. Later, he made a point to travel and to lead tours to see artifacts in person. Today, on the web decades, I came across specific interesting information regarding-range in just a few minutes away from searching. The site is Hyperlinks on the website enables you to look at info where cuneiform tablets can be found, look at the tablets, see transliterations of one’s tablets. etc. The list of that who during the cuneiform, brand new universities those individuals have become connected to, and range of range towns and cities with her render a treatment for „where you should understand”. […]