5. Chart of one’s operation from delivering Feedback and obtaining EasyFeedback token

5. Chart of one’s operation from delivering Feedback and obtaining EasyFeedback token The brand new prefer from a job well written. The fresh blockchain is ideal for new reason for the opportunity. It includes dependability on the views due to the transparency and immutability the brand new blockchain has. cuatro. Main stars Viewpoints publishers: Users which make views and would like to become compensated for it. These pages can send advice, queries, well-done, issues otherwise says easily to the company worldwide. I be sure to transmit they and that it are not controlled. What they do might be compensated with EASYF tokens granted by the our very own Oracles. Shortly after qualified, brand new member’s opinions would-be rated and you can verified by among the three Validator Oracles (inner, organization otherwise lawyer) and you can included in the new blockchain for the rating acquired. Validator Oracles feel the part out-of fulfilling users just who post opinions. Each types of views, only one of your step three types of Validator Oracles will require part: interior, organization and you may attorneys. Viewpoints submitted the type of concerns will never be compensated. six. “Proof Viewpoints”: Age group and you may prize regarding EASYF with respect to the property value the fresh opinions The tokenized model centers around the “Proof of Feedback” anywhere between pages and you will companies and you will associations. Anytime a person directs beneficial views, they discover EasyFeedback token to have his/the woman interaction. The inner Validator Oracle usually measure the opinions delivered by EasyFeedback users centered on these types of step 3 requirements: convenience, originality and you may execution. It’s attractive, of use and you can interesting towards business (UTILITY); Provides original and creative info or concepts into the organization (ORIGINALITY); And its particular execution is actually possible and you can possible, improving the team to change (EXECUTION); Our interior validator oracle could be composed in for each and every nation from the a beneficial Jury. […]