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    1. A: Is this the right bus to London? B: Yes, it

    2. I am Romania. I am Romanian.

    3. A: Do you smoke? B: No, I

    4. A: does he go? B: To work.

    5. I’m sorry, I speak English very well.

    6. I working for a very important project right now.

    7. It’s colder today yesterday.

    8. you call Mr Adams yesterday? He was asking about you.

    9. They have a meeting here at 4 pm.

    10. A: When he call? B: Yesterday, at around 10am.

    11. How do you meet with your friends? Every weekend.

    12. Is there coffee left?

    13. Can you finish this task by 3 pm? I’ll my best.

    14. Karen in when I rang so I left her a message.

    15. Tim school at 18 and became a waiter.

    16. How money did you pay for your new apartment?

    17. They having a bbq when I came home.

    18. A: I tried to call the Sales Department, but nobody answered. B: I think you try again later. They may be busy.

    19. you like a hot chocolate? Thank you. You’re very kind.

    20. A: was talking to you earlier? B: My new colleague.

    21. We decided to up our own business.

    22. A: Can I have extension 910? B: I’ll just you through.

    23. A: I’m afraid she’s not in at the moment. B: Could I a message?

    24. A: ‘s she like? B: She’s a nice woman.

    25. Let me take this first and I’ll with this problem straight away.

    26. I finished the report yet. I need a couple more hours.

    27. Haven’t you the news? I thought everyone knew.

    28. There has been a visible improvement in the exchange against the euro.

    29. I can’t put with this anymore!

    30. Have you been to Austria?

    31. The price was high: 1000 euros! What a complete of money.

    32. She told me that she happy with her new assignment.

    33. We spend less money if we buy this on line.

    34. The manager told her that he receive their report the following week.

    35. It has agreed that the new system will be tested asap.

    36. Excuse me, this is a nonsmoking area. Would you mind not here, please?

    37. Ikea, recently entered the Romanian market, remained a private company.

    38. I tried to reach you last night but I couldn’t get to you.

    39. If he been so lazy, he could have become their team leader.

    40. He, has never learnt to obey, cannot be a good communicator.

    41. Ok, now, let’s get to business!

    42. If I you, I would do this differently.

    43. I know you expected my answer by 3pm. I’m sorry for the in getting back to you.

    44. How long have you been the piano?

    45. Long time no my dear friend. How are you?

    46. They have spent so much on that car.

    47. The amount of red was so time consuming that we decided to give up the

    48. She’s most of the time away so we ever speak to each other.

    49. I get along extremely well with my manager, we are on the same

    50. I don’t have the client’s contact details. How could I get of him?

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